14 February 2012

Josey Kidd-Crowe, Thornbury, Melbourne

Jake Walker: Where did you grow up?
Josey Kidd-Crowe: I usually say that i grew up in Byron Bay where I've spent most of my life... all of my highschool years... the coming of age years...  my family moved around a bit when I was younger...

JW: I really love the drawing you did as a kid, the bloke in the hat has continued appear in your paintings. How old were you when you drew it/ who's in it?
JKC: I've had this book on Picasso's late paintings and etchings since I was a little kid... I think it is probably from that... that hat... all those musketeers and whores... I only have a few pages of that book left... I remember drawing from that book while I was very young and being embarrassed in front of my aunts for drawing people having sex... the book has great erotic etchings Picasso did while he was impotent. At school when I drew people with scrambled faces rather than with horn noses and bubble eyes my friends didn't like my pictures anymore. I don't know who's in it. Its in storage and I can't remember it so well. There is a monster, an ugly girl, an artist, a cave...

JW: Your paintings have been getting steadily looser and thicker, has this been a conscious or organic move?

JKC: I'm not so sure about the paintings... both answers I think.

JW: Do you have any shows coming up?
JKC: I have an exhibition at Neon Parc in April.

Josey Kidd-Crowe is represented by Neon Parc